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Catching up with Point Beach football coach John Wagner

October 16, 2012

With the way the Gulls have been playing, it would take the New Jersey State Police to take John Wagner out of Point Pleasant Beach these days.

The head football coach has helped lead the Garnet Gulls to a 6-0 overall record this season, which included a 40-0 home win over Keansburg this Friday. Here is what he had to say yesterday about the best defensive effort all season and this week’s away game with Highland Park. Kickoff is Saturday at 3:30 pm.

Head coach John Wagner

On holding the Titans star quarterback Ryan Kurtz to negative yardage on 15 carries, 63 yards through the air and forcing him to throw three interceptions…

We went into Keansburg knowing how productive the quarterback was for them — throwing or running the ball — so we wanted to take away a lot of things that he did. Holding him to minus yards was outstanding. Obviously, this was one of our better defensive games. We dominated on defense which helped our offensive game.

On Danny Tighe already reaching 1,007 yards on the season…

Danny Tighe had a big night for us and that has a lot to do with our entire team. That is not just the linemen. The backs also block for us and we run a lot of play fakes with the quarterback. We also have some other players that have some pretty good numbers. So, we will see how it all breaks down at the end of the year.  All three running backs [Tighe, senior Andre Cochran, senior Kyle Samaritano] contributed largely.

On Highland Park

We talked about how Red Bank, who went into the game 0-5 knocked off Neptune, an outstanding team in the area. Upsets can happen on any week to anybody. There could be bad weather on Saturday and we are concerned about that. We can’t let the rain be an excuse for turnovers.

Neptune had five turnovers on the road in a 21-19 loss.

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