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A Boo-tiful Season: Halloween Eve Update

October 30, 2011

Halloween is just one day away and I’ve seen the Point Boro and Point Beach High School teams pull some tricks on the athletic fields and treated fans to plenty of positive results on the scoreboard this season. This is the most spooky and spine-chilling way I can describe the local athletic teams.

Night of the Living Dead: Point Boro football has been so scary on the gridiron this close to Halloween that probably even ghosts are sitting around a camp fire telling stories of the team’s most recent surge. After starting 2-3, Point Boro has now won two straight, defeating the Lakewood Piners (27-13) and the Raritan Rockets of Hazlet (35-17), almost guaranteeing the program a bid to the state tournament.

The Black Cat: Whenever Point Beach’s Brianna Feerst shows up to a cross country meet, it is bad luck for everyone else. Feerst has placed in the Top-5 in every major meet this season and the senior has also guided the Gulls to a B Central Public School Championship.

Paranormal Activity: Point Boro high school cross country coach Kevin Conheeney says his cross country program used to be the “doormat” of the C Central Division. This season they are one of the most feared. The Panthers won the C Central Public School Championship under the leadership of sophomore Sam Haber, who placed first in every single divisional race. The Panthers lone division loss was to Monsignor Donovan, coming up short by just one point.

The Ring: The Garnet Gulls girls’ soccer program won a Central Jersey Group I state championship ring in 2010, but it has only haunted the team since. Now the team is 7-8 entering the state tournament still cursed with injuries. The movie ‘The Ring’ revolves around a mysterious video cassette which is said to curse those who watch it so that they will die within a seven days of viewing. Could these Garnet Gulls be just one week away from state tournament elimination?

IT: Don’t worry. There are no scary clowns such as the one characterized in Stephen King’s 1990 horror film looming near the Point Beach football stadium. However, the Garnet Gulls have the ‘it’ factor this season: an indefinable something that makes a team special. The Gulls haven’t had a winning season since 1997 or make the playoffs since 2001, but they don’t care how some view their playoff aspirations this year. The Garnet Gulls now stand at 4-2 after losing a 24-22 thriller to undefeated Dunellen (7-0) on Friday night. Could this still be a dream season in the Beach, or an apparition?

The Graveyard: Point Beach won a state championship this season, but the year is now over. Point Boro Tennis did not qualify for the state tournament and Point Boro field hockey was eliminated from NJSIAA state playoffs yesterday in a 1-0 road loss to Delran High School.

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